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I’m having some doubts Freshman Aphnenyx 2020-1-17 0424 Aphnenyx 2020-1-17 17:18
Help? Freshman YoungNFree 2019-10-20 0459 YoungNFree 2019-10-20 19:55
I met an aggressive and unpredictable Colombian woman Freshman roland07 2018-10-3 01208 roland07 2018-10-3 01:36
Visited Thailand for the first time and admire its women! Freshman charlesxx 2018-9-24 0902 charlesxx 2018-9-24 00:33
Her parents make me feel I am after their wealth only. Freshman frankdiaz 2018-9-21 0864 frankdiaz 2018-9-21 00:31
She wants a baby but I am not yet ready to be a father.. Freshman gregevans 2018-9-20 0860 gregevans 2018-9-20 00:43
My friend's boyfriend is hitting on me. Freshman krizialopez 2018-9-19 0784 krizialopez 2018-9-19 00:44
I'm confused whether she likes me or not. Freshman jamieson29 2018-9-6 0741 jamieson29 2018-9-6 23:20
Am I falling in love or I just got used to our setup? Freshman echo94 2018-9-4 0790 echo94 2018-9-4 00:06
I miss her but it feels like I'm just disturbing her. Freshman doubtmind 2018-9-3 0747 doubtmind 2018-9-3 00:50
Dreams that turn into ashes. Freshman lizzie92 2018-9-2 0658 lizzie92 2018-9-2 23:27
LDR: Is it worth the risk? Freshman riskingme86 2018-8-30 0674 riskingme86 2018-8-30 23:57
How do I get rid of these lingering feelings? Freshman lesterjr 2018-8-28 0609 lesterjr 2018-8-28 23:27
She is nagging too much and I can't handle it anymore. Freshman nagginggf28 2018-8-21 0584 nagginggf28 2018-8-21 00:21
How do you know if you're a boring bf? Freshman boringme28 2018-8-16 0627 boringme28 2018-8-16 00:12
She's bossy and it's killing me. Freshman ryananderson 2018-8-15 0622 ryananderson 2018-8-15 23:37
I'm hurting her and she deserves to know. Freshman danielcooper 2018-8-14 0623 danielcooper 2018-8-14 23:45
A bf or sugar daddy?-- I dunno what I am. Freshman bfdad40 2018-8-14 0500 bfdad40 2018-8-14 00:46
Would you let her go even if she means the world to you? Freshman stupidbf35 2018-8-12 0661 stupidbf35 2018-8-12 22:46
Should pedophilia be tolerated? Freshman caringman30 2018-8-10 0692 caringman30 2018-8-10 00:43

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